Golf Competition Management

BQGolf is a system designed for organising golf competitions played in various formats and for collecting and presenting results of the competitions. The system contains the following programs:
  1. BQGolf main program (desktop/laptop),
  2. BQGolf Viewer competition result viewer (desktop/laptop),
  3. BQGolf Players player database editor (desktop/laptop),
  4. BQGolf Golf Courses golfcourse database editor (desktop/laptop),
  5. BQGolf MViewer competition result viewer (mobile devices),
  6. BQGolf MScorecard electronic scorecard (mobile devices).

The main program BQGolf is used by a Committee on the computer at the club house or scoring room.
The player list is prepared before the competition by the Committee. The Committee also prepares NFC Smart Card(s) and/or QR code(s) that contain all necessary competition information including player lists and golf course information (i.e. pars, stroke indices, lengths, tee positions, etc.).
On the competition day the Committee starts the competition on their computer. The competitors arriving at the reception desk start electronic scorecards BQGolf MScorecard app on their mobile devices and scan the NFC Smart Card or QR code or log-in. Then each competitor selects from a list a player he/she is a marker for.
After each hole the competitor enters on his/her device scores achieved by the player. The scores are transmitted to the Committee s computer for further processing. All necessary calculations are performed immediately and displayed on TV or Projector at the club house. Then all scores are sent back to the competitors in the form of leaderboard. Each player can watch own scores (entered by his/her marker) and scores of all other players. Upon completion of the round each player checks his/her score with the marker and signs electronically the scorecard. After signing the scorecard no modifications can be made by the competitors. Only the Committee is entitled to modify scores on their computer (e.g. to apply additional penalties).
When competition ends (i.e. all scorecards are signed) the results are shown immediately on Committee's computer and on TV/Projector. No further calculations are required.
The competition results can also be watched live by all users using either BQGolf Viewer (desktop/laptop) or BQGolf MViewer (mobile devices) anywhere in the world.
The system can be used for both stroke and match play formats and can handle other forms of game, e.g. yellow ball, 1-2-3, best rounds and more.

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